Thursday, March 9, 2017

Variables With Our Robots

We learned about independent variables, dependent variables, and controlled variables. A independent variable is the only factor that you change in a experiment. So, if you have a standard experiment and in the next experiment you change one thing, that thing would be the independent variable. Dependent variables are the variables that rely on the independent variable to even exist. It is the thing that you measure and look at in the experiment. It is the changes in the independent variable. The controlled variables are all of the things that stayed the same from the standard experiment. So, if there is a standard experiment, and you you made a new experiment with different variables, the variables that stayed the same from the standard experiment are the controlled variables.The independent variable is the carpet, tile, and blacktop because there was a different one of those variables in the experiment. the dependent variable was the speed of the robot because that was what we were watching in the experiment. The controlled variables in the experiment was the robot and the code because we never changed that in our experiment.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sensabot Challenge


The first block has 100 power and 3 wheel rotations. We measured that that would get it too the first line. The next block has power 25  rotation 0.35, we measured that that would lift the arm up. The next block has power 25 and rotation is -0.35 which would bring the arm back down. The next block has 100 power and 3 wheel rotations which would also get it to the next line. Then we had power 25 and 0.35 and that would bring the arm up. The next block was power 25 and rotation -0.35. Then we had to go to the next line so we did 100 power and 3 wheel rotations. Then to make the arm go up we did power 25 and rotation 0.35. To make the arm go back down we did 25 power and -0.35 rotation. Finally we did a block to make it go all the way back to the box. So we did 100 power. Then since each of them had 3 wheel rotations to each line and there were 3 lines so we did 3 multiplied by 3 which equals 9, so we did 9 wheel rotations which got it back to the box. We had some problems when we were making the code, but it was our robot so we got a new robot and things went great and we finished the challenge!